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SAE will release its DR-E688 positioning system with IR


Now SAE will add IR on DR-E688 large positioning system to make it more powerful and suitable for more environments. With the advanced technology of visible infra-red diode array, it will bring you better vision and clear picture whether in dark or brightness conditions. The visible distance of this infra-red light is over 60m.

E688 positioning system is specially applied in airport, frontier, customs, highway etc. The 9 languages OSD menu makes it very flexible and welcomed by Europe market. Use the wiper and water jet auto function, you can save your time for maintenance. Accurate stepping motor ensures 0.1° positioning accuracy and also make the E688 pan 360 °continuously and tilt from -77° to 40° steadily.

E688 has been applied in many projects in China and also it is the first security product that has been approved by Hong Kong government until now.