Financial Industry
First, demand analysis
After many years of development, the financial video surveillance system has entered a mature and stable period. With the continuous development of business, financial security is faced with more and more threats, such as robbery, credit card theft and fraud, the occurrence of incidents within the industry and other incidents, how to conduct centralized alarm control? Improve image quality and meet the needs of effective forensics? How to combine with business? Several problems in practical applications have provided a new and effective driving force for the development of the monitoring industry. Networking, high-definition, and intelligentization have become the development trend of financial video surveillance systems.

Second, the business framework
The financial industry video surveillance business is generally composed of front-end outlets, branch centers, and branch centers. The front-end outlets are the focus of bank video surveillance services. Therefore, for the banking business, the front section focuses on “monitoring” and the center focuses on “supervision.”

Third, the system framework
The banking system framework consists of a management center, business units, and system function modules. The system function modules form the basis of the bank's security system and provide effective security for the upper-level business.

Fourth, business application

1. Business Office Monitoring Application Solution
The banking hall is an important place for financial transfer between banks and customers. It requires a high level of security. With the popularization and installation of video surveillance systems in banking offices, the ever-changing external environment and the continuous changes in criminal means and forms are Some video surveillance put forward higher requirements, and the realization of high-definition and intelligent video surveillance will be the trend of bank security system development. In this regard, China and Victoria introduced a variety of models of video surveillance solutions, divided into HD-SDI digital Ah dog mode, hybrid HD mode and traditional analog monitoring mode.
Application features:
Realize local and remote real-time image monitoring, can achieve high-definition monitoring of analog HD or digital high-definition 1080p, at the same time, can achieve 16-channel local D1 synchronous playback;
Alarm, access, and linkage can be performed on devices such as probes, emergency buttons, and access controls, and local and remote alarms can be implemented.
High-definition access, which can make the image sharper, so that every corner of the business hall can be clearly visible;
By using the DVR with smart analysis function. It can realize intelligent analysis functions such as traffic statistics, legacy alarms, crowd alarms, and alarm warnings.

2. Self-service Banking/ATM Monitoring Application Solution
With the in-depth development of financial electronicization in China and the continuous advancement of the Gold Card project, the bank's self-service equipment and self-service banking have become more widely used in the financial field and have received favorable comments from depositors. However, financial crimes have gradually diversified in recent years. These factors have led to an increase in criminal activities targeting bank self-service equipment and self-service banking in recent years. At present, most bank ATMs and self-service banks have installed video surveillance management systems in succession to improve the security of ATMs.
For the financial self-service equipment application scenario, Zhongwei Century adopts analog high-definition cameras in the image collection session, and then integrates the latest developments in the latest scientific achievements and hardware technologies such as current motion detection, target tracking, and behavior identification to build an intelligent video surveillance software and hardware. The integrated platform enables alarm monitoring of illegal actions in the financial ATM business monitoring scenario.
Application features:
To improve the monitoring quality, the previous stage uses a 650-line analog HD pinhole camera, supporting a D1 high-quality DVR, which can effectively improve the picture quality, and eliminate the use of a CIF model that originally used a camera with a low number of lines and a poor illuminance, and the video cannot be seen clearly;
Diversified intelligent analysis function can realize face recognition, face mask, and gossip cap recognition alarm through intelligent analysis of face; also, according to the detection of the environment, the abnormal behavior of packet loss and ATM posting can be realized. Or identify the alarm by installing abnormal behavior of the ad box.

3. Office building monitoring application solution
Bank office building is the main center of banking business management, and daily supervision is very important. Some of the bank office buildings or even office areas, sales offices, self-service banks, and monitoring centers are all integrated. It is precisely because of the special nature of bank buildings that the flow of people is relatively complicated. After night work, management is relatively weak. Security protection is far from being able to meet security needs. Only by establishing a sound security system and combining technical protection and human protection can we truly guarantee the safety of the entire building.
Sino-Virgin’s monitoring of the bank building, the introduction of modular digital video surveillance solutions, more suitable for the actual application of building monitoring.
Application features:
The effective combination of SD and HD enables effective monitoring of halls, aisles, gates, parking lots, and office areas within the building;
The application of millions of high-definition webcams enables more clear monitoring of the facial features of the halls;
By deploying smoke detectors and infrared probes on the roof of the aisles and halls, the alarm signals are all connected to the monitoring host or alarm host, and uploaded to the monitoring center to implement alarm linkage processing of the monitoring center, which can pop up the monitoring screen and linkage recording;
By setting access control systems such as access control and exit buttons, video surveillance and access control can be linked.

4. Central comprehensive management platform
The Ericsson Financial Integrated Monitoring and Management Platform is an integrated management platform integrating equipment management, video surveillance, alarm linkage, and emergency command functions. It is in line with the integrated management of the video surveillance platform as a business service in the financial sector.
Platform requirements. The platform is based on the Internet's distributed video surveillance software that can manage network hard disk recorders, alarm hosts, access control systems, central video walls, and other devices. It is a unified monitoring service management platform developed specifically for the financial industry's business outlets, ATM machines, self-service banks, vaults, armored cars, and insurance industries.

V. System Architecture
There are three levels of the system platform: the following figure, device access layer, platform service layer, data application layer, and a network management interface.
The access layer of the device is mainly an agreement for adapting various devices and implements the access of multiple manufacturers and multiple network devices and their sub-devices. The device can be connected to the device actively by the platform or can be actively connected to the platform to solve the problem. Complex network requirements for system architecture.
The platform service layer is the layer where all kinds of services are located. A central management server implements unified management of the entire domain and implementation of various strategies, and realizes authentication, authorization processing, and session maintenance, and implements distributed services. Item functions, such as media forwarding, video on demand, central storage, alarm distribution, voice intercom, etc.
The data application layer is the man-machine exchange interface of various management centers. Real-time monitoring, alarm management, video playback and download, electronic map, voice intercom, video wall control, system configuration and operation support, etc. are realized through the operator client. .

Platform Features

1. A professional platform for a comprehensive financial industry
Holds high-definition surveillance equipment, including access to 130W, 200W, and 300W network cameras
Intelligent video analysis technology supports linkage between cross-line and cross-zone detection, smart ATM machine strip analysis, face recognition, and aggregation.
Provides a secondary authorization authentication mechanism for client service operation management
The affiliation mechanism and direct connection strategy provide professional support for professional financial monitoring services
Alarm information linkage display, voice synthesis prompts and LED simulation subtitle output
Access mainstream mainframes for video and alarm integration
Support GPRS satellite school
Independent network management system monitors operating status and maintains system operation
Support industry standards such as "National Standard of the People's Republic of China GB/T16676 Bank Alarm Monitoring Networking System Technical Requirements"

2. Powerful applications present in interaction
The client provides four-screen operation interface: real-time monitoring, video playback, alarm linkage, electronic map interactive operation
Real-time monitoring interface provides a variety of ways to display the alarm source, complete the deployment and removal operation
The real-time monitoring interface provides a collection of favorites and historical access operations, making it easy to use
Independent alarm signal display page, support alarm linkage plan setting and scheduling
Supports video integrity checks to ease the burden of manual inspections