Several transportation authorities have chosen SAE to improve safety and security in their transit systems, or to view and share real-time information on traffic and road conditions. With its high resolution and high reliability, SAE’s cameras offer the sharp pictures no matter in darkness or at the atrocious environment. SAE’s high quality saves the cost in maintenance and re-installation. All these help the traffic go smoothly and deal the traffic crimes much easier.
Beijing-Tianjin Highway
Beijing-Tianjin Highway is a crucial part of the radial communication network around the capital, also the important part of national highway network. The Beijing-Tianjin Highway has 184.4 km with 23 cross bridges and 19 tunnels. It was also the vital project for the 2008 Olympic Games. At the time, several famous manufacturers were invited to demonstrate their products. At last, SAE was chosen to be the supplier for this project.

Shenzhen Shuiguan Highway Henan Kai --Shang Highway  Zhejiang Yiwu  City Traffic Surveillance
Zhejiang Hang-Jin-QU Highway Tianjin Highway  Jiangsu Huaiyin City Traffic Surveillance
Shenzhen Shuiguan Highway Zhejiang Hang-Jin-QU Highway   Jinkai Highway